Thursday, 13 July 2017

Our Own Little Art Colony!

Each year, more people discover that Digby Neck is a great and unique place to live. Among them are artists who find unlimited inspiration in the beautiful natural surroundings. So far this spring, we have had several new arrivals come in and say hi and tell us a bit about their craft. On top of that, we have some amazing talent that has grown up right here! We have several galleries and many artists (including ourselves) are more than happy to have visitors tour their studios.
It has reached a point where we felt that we had the critical mass necessary to put on our own local art exhibition and sale.

So if you are here in early August, stop by and see some amazing art and meet some of the local artists. You will see a fascinating diversity of mediums and styles and you may even be moved to take home "A Piece of The Neck"! Vickie Turner, our resident artist will have some pieces there and if you want to see more, just drop by our studio/shop, The Artist's Mark, on your way out or back from Sandy Cove. You can't miss us- we're right on the highway.
And if the tide is out, leave some time to walk the beach across the street and maybe find your own "treasure"!
Each year there are new things to see and do on Digby Neck and more and more people are visiting for reasons other than the amazing whale watching. So if you are considering a Nova Scotia vacation this might be the perfect spot for your family to spend a few days.
And when you come, stop by The Artist's Mark Studio/ shop where each visitor gets to choose their own free tumbled stone as a souvenir of this amazing area.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Summer Finally Comes To The Neck

Well, after a pretty lackluster, cold, damp spring, summer has arrived on The Neck. And just in time because we are seeing more and more out of province plates on a wide array of cars, campers and motor homes travelling highway #217.
I am pretty well over my hip replacement and complications so we are getting back to our normal schedule but I'll be in Kentville on Friday for most of the day so we'll be closed then.

An Amazing Super Moon
Last night we were treated to the awesome sight of a super moon coming up over St.Mary's Bay. It was so spectacular that cars were pulling over in front of our house to watch!

That means that we are getting King Tides (higher than normal). And when the normal tides are higher than 22 feet, that can be pretty spectacular.

Knit City
The girls are headed out to Vancouver in September to display our world famous Seawall Fibres yarn. The good news for knitting enthusiasts is that Lisa has doubled her shipments to us and we currently have the best yarn inventory ever. So if knitting turns your crank, come on by and pick up a skein or two of the yarn we are shipping all over the world!

The "Rock Shop"
Starting next week, I hope to be back in there churning out specimens and jewelry for sale in the shop. I am also exploring the possibility of getting a few more machines to enable me to do even more. So if you have ever wondered how we make all this beautiful stuff, come on by and I'll show you!

So summer's here. The scenery is great. We have new places to see and eat on The Neck so if you have some time, take a little road trip down one of the most unique areas of Nova Scotia- the totally awesome Digby Neck!