Monday, 7 January 2019

New Pieces and Exciting Expansion

Been busy of late, finishing some diverse pieces in the studio. Here's a gorgeous local agate/jasper set in a silver plate bezel and hung from a delicate sterling silver chain.

It even has a little sparkling crystal druzy! This next one is called Kaleidoscope- a multicoloured piece of local jasper wire wrapped in bronze with a hand made bronze clasp and gorgeous red leather cord.

Now for a change of pace, here's a pendant fashioned from museum quality polymer clay. It's called Pinwheel and employs a technique that produces a spiral lentil bead- a real head turner!

And now, here is another piece of amazing local Ocean Jasper, prong set using bronze wire with a hand made bronze clasp.

Here is one of my favourite pieces- a pendant fashioned from the essence of Digby Neck- basalt and vein agate and shaped like The Neck itself with sterling silver wire denoting the ferry crossings. A truly unique piece!

And last but not least, a piece I absolutely love because this expandable bracelet truly represents what we are about- creating unique pieces that exhibit the mark of the artist. All the copper work is totally hand made and the beads are hand blown glass.

And if that isn't enough, we have even more exciting news. Soon, these pieces and many more including the very popular guitar picks, will be available for purchase on line. We aren't totally functional yet but when we are, it will be announced here.

So now everybody can own a "Piece of The Neck"!

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