Sunday, 20 January 2019

Latest Rock Jewelry Pieces

Well, we are in the midst of a true Nova Scotia Blizzard today. It was -10 this morning and will be +10 by tonight but in between we will get heavy snow, then a few hours of freezing rain and then heavy rain. Oh yeah did I mention the winds gusting to over 100KPH? On Digby Neck, we call a day like this ...Sunday!

I have been finishing up a few pieces including 3 from the Stone&Bone series. The first two are jasper in a silver plate bezel with a fossilized sand shark tooth attached and hung from a black buna cord.

This one is a local stone- fortification agate with a nice sparkly quartz druzy in the center- a really beautiful stone. Again it is set in a silver plate bezel with a sand shark tooth and hung from a premium black leather cord with a nice copper clasp.

And last but not least is my first piece done totally by hand in silver. Unfortunately, since I am taking these pictures with a phone that eliminates glare, you can't see the sparkling quartz druzy in the center of this really nice moss agate but it's there and it's a show stopper!

And here's a close up.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pics but "She Who MUST Be Obeyed" who normally takes them, is designing a knitwear pattern for Seawall Fibres and I have been given strict orders not to approach.

I am now going to move on and do some more combining stone and leather so keep checking the blog for more (and hopefully better) pics.

By the way, many have asked if these pieces are for sale. They are all for sale in the shop but shortly, I will be posting pics and prices on the Seawall Fibres web site in the Seawall Creations section. I'll let you know when that happens.

In the meantime, stay warm and dry (unless you are my friend Ted in Australia- you should stay cool!)


P.S. Here's a little tip. If you have jewelry with a sparkly druzy and you want to bring up the sparkle, use one of those little plastic dental floss picks and just put it in the cavity and twirl it around.

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