Thursday, 31 January 2019

Back at the Jewelry Bench

Well, we are in the midst of a typical Nova Scotia winter- a bit of snow, a bit of rain, a bit of freezing rain, winds north of 100 KPH and temperatures going up and down like a toilet seat. The perfect time to be in the studio. Vickie is working on a big project for Seawall Fibres and since "where she goes, the cats go" I have plenty of company. here's a shot of the interested spectators:

I decided to finish a couple of very nice "bloodstones"I had kicking around. Bloodstones get their name from bright red patches (usually hematite) that provide a striking contrast to the rest of the stone. The first one is a little "donut" that I hung from a slim, premium black leather cord with a silver clasp. It has a brecciated (or broken) matrix so it's quite unique.

I decided to enhance the second piece by adding Czechoslovakian faceted fire polished glass beads and copper spacers and clasps along with a premium leather cord. In person, it actually glows.

Next we have two pieces that are rare and unique. They are made from mollusk shells that have been riddled by holes created by tube worms to produce intricate and dramatic patterning.

They have been hand set with copper wire and hung from premium leather cords and are something you ain't gonna see every day!

Finally, here's a really nice piece of polished amethyst set on a reddish copper metal plate to enhance the colour and then hung from a blue premium leather cord.

In upcoming sessions I'll be doing several pieces combining stone and leather so stay tuned and if you are in the area, drop by. The sign may be down (tucked away out of the wind) but all the inventory of yarn etc. is still here.


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