Friday, 10 February 2017

Winter on The Neck

We are back from visiting our daughter who lives in the Bahamas and things are returning to "normal".
This is "normal" on The Neck in Winter.

A lot of people who visit the shop ask why the door opens in. The last photo answers that question. If it opened out we'd be using the door on the deck to get out!! The winds topped out at somewhere north of 90kph which accounts for the 3 foot drift at the door and 4 footer behind my car! It's still blowing pretty hard and the wind chill is -23 C so we'll just stay hunkered down for a little while.
Don't worry, it will all be gone by April so you'll have no trouble if you come on by. And you should! We'll have new yarn (which we have been shipping all over the world through Etsy) and I'll somehow get Vickie to put down her knitting long enough to make a new supply of her  bags that seem to fly off the shelf and even some new jewelry.
Digby Neck is a great spot to vacation so we're looking forward to seeing you!

Monday, 12 December 2016

A Very Satisfied Customer

One of the best things about living on Digby Neck is that you have so many interesting neighbours. Elaine lives in Sandy Cove and loves combing the beach for rocks as much as I do. She also finds a lot of beach glass.

Recently, she dropped by to give me some rocks and I cut a beautiful slice of fortification agate for her in return and then a few days later she was back with some really nice beach glass. She wanted to give Vickie the glass but get her to wrap a piece for her to make a pendant for her friend.

Elaine with her pendant

Vickie is able to do beautiful wire work with a large variety of different wire types and thicknesses. The results are high quality and beautiful!

Beautiful wrap job on a nice piece of brown  beach glass

She has started to wrap some of our stone and over the winter she will be producing a whole array of pendants reflecting the shape and beauty of Digby Neck.

Beautiful piece of agate and copper wire

So stop by next spring and check out our inventory. They make perfect gifts or mementos of your visit to beautiful Nova Scotia!

Friday, 28 October 2016

Winter Hours at The Shop

Well, I guess it had to happen.
The days are getting a lot shorter and it is dark when I get up to make coffee for "The Queen". We have already had some sleet, freezing rain and a dusting of snow. The last lot of stones have been polished and are being cleaned in the tumbler and after that, it will be put away for the winter. All the chairs are either off the deck or tied down with bungee cords because one thing is certain- big winds are coming! Last weekend we had gusts to 100 Km/hr. but the generator is fixed and back on its pad and just waiting to kick in when the inevitable power outage occurs. And today, for the first time, we fired up the wood stove.
Winter is coming.

Battening Down The Hatches:

Over the winter, we'll have a few big blizzards but what we worry about most is wind. It is absolutely amazing to see what can blow away when the winds are over 100 Km./hr.! So this weekend we will be taking down the large roadside sign. But the smaller Open/Closed sign will still be there.

Winter Hours:

Because of the number of locals who are coming here for the Seawall Fibres Yarn, we will be keeping the entire gift shop open until December 24th. We will be open Thursday and Friday from 10-4 and Saturday and Sunday from 1-5. We don't intend to be away so we will also open the shop by appointment as well if we are around. Just call (902) 482-2188 and we'll do out best to accommodate you. And since anyone coming by will have braved our "cool, breezy weather", everyone will be considered a local and will receive a 10% discount on all merchandise except the odd piece which we have on consignment. It is quite possible that we will open on other days so if you drive by and see the "open" sign, come on in and say hi! You never know when you might be rewarded by a cup of hot coffee!

Keep checking the blog over the winter as I intend to tell you what's new for the spring.

We have had an amazing summer with about double the visitors to the shop. It would appear that tourism in Nova Scotia is on the upswing and we are going to spend the winter preparing for even more visitors next year. I have an industrial heater installed in the rock shop and will be out there as often as "The Queen" (and my hip) allows. As things stand now, I am scheduled to get my new hip in February so I should be well along in my rehab by the start of the tourism season next year. Thanks to everybody who came by and if you weren't able to make it, there's always next year!


Thursday, 22 September 2016

More Spectacular Rock

Had a chance to work a pretty interesting piece today.

It looks like Stilbite invading basalt as it is very fibrous but it polished up much better than I thought. There are beautiful pinks and reds and it looks as if some of the original mineral has been replaced with silicate.
If you have any ideas, help me out!
Beautiful weather here right now- sunny and mild with light winds and low humidity. If only it would last a few months!
We just got a new shipment of fall weight yarn so I'll do a more extensive post on that when we have it all in inventory.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Visit from a Hard Core Knitter

One of the great things about having the shop is the interesting people you meet.
Today we met Bethany.
In previous posts I have commented on the , dare I say, fanatical mindset of knitters. The fact is most serious knitters have a "stash" of yarn that is sitting, just waiting to be knit. The really serious ones have SABLE- Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy!
But you have to be really hard core to travel from New York to vacation in Nova Scotia packing your own spinning wheel in the back seat of your vehicle.

You should know that this is just one of FIVE such wheels that Bethany owns!
Apparently she had found us via the internet and since she was coming to Digby, decided to pay us a visit. From here, she will be going to another part of Nova Scotia to see (and spin yarn) with another friend.
We just love meeting people like Bethany- people with a real passion for their craft and a real love for this beautiful province.
So Bethany, you're an old friend now. Heck, one more trip and we'll have to make you an honorary Bluenoser!
Hope to see you again soon.

P.S. We will be closed tomorrow, Friday September, 16th because I have an appointment in Halifax. Open again on Saturday.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Interesting Visitors- Interesting Rocks

We are experiencing beautiful fall weather here yesterday and today after a weekend that was so foggy and wet I couldn't see the nearest house!
On Sunday afternoon two of our loyal yarn customers (you know who you are!) paid us a visit with their "children". We love it when kids come in the shop-especially when they are as well-behaved as these three!

We love it when our beautiful Seawall Fibres hand dyed yarn is really appreciated. These guys wouldn't stop fondling it!
And speaking of beautiful, I am cutting a gorgeous piece of banded agate.
It's a little macrocrystalline but the colours are awesome and I should be able to get about 4 slabs and a nice specimen piece.
Vickie sees a bracelet in its future!
Don't forget our special offer. Visit the shop before the end of the year and mention the blog offer and you'll get 10% off the price of your purchase (not to be combined with other offers).
Hope to see you soon!

Saturday, 10 September 2016

The Mother Lode of Amethyst!

I'm finally getting around to working on some of the rock that we had collected while my buddy Ted (from Australia) was here.
Vickie found a seam of crystals about 3-4 cm thick and the slab was about 20 cm square. It looked nice from the side but it was a bit large to sell as a specimen so we decided to give it a "tap" with the 2 pound hammer. We ended up with about 3 nice pieces and I took them in the house to show "The Boss". They looked really nice with some beautiful colour but then Vickie went to pick up a piece and something amazing happened.
The piece split in half through the center exposing two beautiful crystal faces!
So I went back to the other two pieces and very carefully tapped them in the center with a chisel. Here's what we got
Close up you can see a bit of the colour although I have to say that they are even nicer in person
So now we have some beautiful specimens of Nova Scotia Amethyst sitting in the shop waiting to go to a new home!
My current load of tumbler rocks is at stage #2 and they should be finished in about a week. There are some absolutely beautiful stones in there- jasper, flame, plume and crazy lace agate- can't wait to see the results!
So come on by if you live in the area and while you are here, check out the beautiful yarn and hand knitted pieces.