Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Latest Copper/Stone Jewelry

So I decided to try something pretty ambitious (for me anyway)!

I have some nice botryoidal jasper from a now long gone nearby locale and was trying to come up with a good setting. The edging was a little flaky so the first thing I did was wrap it in copper foil. Then I got out my copper sheeting and went nuts and here is the result.

I call it Gulliver's Treasure.

The back plate was hammered to give some texture and then holes were drilled to wrap the stone in copper wire and attach it to the hand hammered and drilled copper paddle. I hung it from a gorgeous premium Greek red leather that attaches to the paddle with hand made findings.

It was a lot of work (100% hand made except for the rock and the leather) but I think the results are awesome and plan on doing more like this in copper and, if I can screw up the courage, sterling silver.

Feedback is always appreciated, especially suggestions for improvement!

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