Saturday, 31 March 2018

The Mighty Bay of Fundy

One thing you can expect to see if you visit Digby Neck is a lot of diverse scenery. Take today, for instance. The waters of St.Mary's Bay in front of our house were pretty calm but just a few miles away, on the other side of the hill, this was the view.

How would you like to live here!

The real charm of Nova Scotia are the countless old coves and wharves that appear at the end of dirt roads. So when (not if) you visit, get off the highway and take the time to explore. You might even find a nice fixer upper boat like this one:

The days are getting longer and the sun is getting stronger so now's the time to plan your Nova Scotia vacation. And when you do, leave plenty of time to explore my neighbourhood- the unique, scenic gem known as Digby Neck!
(And don't forget to stop at The Artist's Mark to pick up your free piece of The Neck).

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