Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Sensational in Silver

So the expected nor'easter is upon us and the snow is quickly piling up, being driven sideways by gale force winds. On Digby Neck, we call this Tuesday.

Inside, the wood stove is cranked up and it is nice and warm (house is making some funny noises, though).

So it's perfect weather for working with some beautiful stone. I cut this piece from a rock Vickie found pretty close to home. There is a cluster of amethyst crystals at the top that sparkles as it moves and the colour is picked up in the banding of the agate.

I call this piece "Lavender Light".

It is wrapped snugly in 24 gauge sterling silver wire and hung on a delicate, 17 inch sterling silver chain. Quite frankly, the photo doesn't do it justice.

Digby Neck has an amazing diversity of both scenery and rocks and minerals and it is an absolute treat to have so many beautiful pieces in the shop. So if you are planning a trip to Nova Scotia in the summer, come on by the shop and say hi!


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