Monday, 28 August 2017

The Wisdom of Listening To Your Wife

Every once in a while, you should listen to your wife.
Wait, it is often good to listen to your wife.
OK Vickie, a husband should ALWAYS listen to his wife!
Can I get my keys to the rock shop back now???

One such occasion was during a recent trip to nearby Gulliver's Cove on The Bay of Fundy. Gulliver's is a beautiful spot and there is a spectacular look out as well.

Gulliver's at Low Tide
 We decided to try out my new hip and see if I could get down to the coves. The hip worked great and we got down to an area where we had previously found some nice agate.
One Of Our Favourite Spots

Vickie Hard at Work With Her Personal Geologist's Pick (Thanks Jonathan)
Eventually Vickie found a seam of chalcedony that looked quite rotten so I told her not to bother. After all, I'm a highly trained geologist and I KNOW what is usable.
She bothered and got a few pieces since I told her just to take a few.
We lugged everything home and were going through it when I said "You might as well throw this out because I can't do anything with it." She demanded-yes DEMANDED- that I at least cut one piece. So to preserve my perfect record of one year marriage contracts, I did. And while the outside was so rotten it broke as soon as it got near the saw blade, here's what was inside:

Gorgeous Chalcedony With Beautiful Botryoidal Patterning
Of course I had to cab a couple up to see how they finished and, as you can see, they finished up pretty darned nice. So I spent the rest of the day cutting rotten chalcedony and getting some superb material.

Naturally, I gunked up my saw pretty good so I'll have to clean it up and change the oil before I can cut MY stuff but hey, an unblemished record of marriage contracts makes it worth it!

ALWAYS listen to your wife!

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