Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Special Visitors to the Shop

How bad is the postal service? I'll tell you.
It's a wet, windy, foggy day here on The Neck- the quintessential Nova Scotia day. But it was the perfect day for Karen to show up and collect her prize! Karen first learned about our yarn from an on-line knitting friend, Jan, who had stopped by the store while on vacation. Jan has been a big supporter and in fact is now one of our test knitters.
A few weeks back, Seawall Fibres, our hand dyed yarn enterprise, had a contest and the winner turned out to be a lady from Michigan. When we contacted her, she said, "Don't bother shipping it, I'll come and pick it up!"
Talk about not trusting the postal system!
Actually, that's all a little joke. Turns out she was planning a trip to Nova Scotia before she even won so this gave her added incentive to come to Digby.
Here's what she won:

This is a skein of our Rutilated Amethyst and if you want one, it's available in our Etsy shop.

It actually worked out perfectly because her other half, Mike, had done a bit of lapidary so while the girls talked yarn, we talked rocks! Mike has a standing invitation to join me in the rock barn/ man cave any time he wants since it turns out he is an award winning beer maker! My kind of tourist!
So thanks Karen and Mike for dropping by and brightening a pretty gloomy day!

Karen is actually wearing the shawl that Vickie just finished designing and that Jan will soon be test knitting and Mike is holding the beautiful piece of crazy lace agate he's taking back for his rockhound friend.
I gotta get me one of those shirts!

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