Sunday, 27 August 2017

The Best From Nature

As I mentioned, our friends John and Nancy Hood from Scotia Gems  ( stopped by last week to deliver some large slabs John had cut for me. They also left two beautiful pendants that John had set in silver for us to sell in the shop.

This is a gorgeous piece of Nova Scotia Crazy Lace Agate with a beautiful area of Fortification Agate and a small topaz at the bottom on a really nice silver chain- spectacular!

This is just so unique! It is a piece of Nova Scotia Agate including native copper! The little blotches on the silver setting are just a lighting issue and this photo really doesn't do it justice- a true one of a kind!

John and Nancy are a very interesting couple. Not only are they true rock hounds, John is an amazing jeweler and they also keep a lot of bees on their farm which Nancy turns into the most wonderful non-pasteurized honey.

Having enjoyed it for several years, I personally can attest to the fact it IS The bees best! So if you are local you should check it out  if they have any left!

That's it for now. Hope to see you soon!

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