Thursday, 3 August 2017

Back to Work

Well, it certainly has been an interesting summer! Got my new hip May 4th but had to have a second operation to clean up a staph infection so it is only now that things are getting back to what passes for normal around here.

Our daughter, Lisa, is here and she and Vickie are hand dying yarn. Here's some drying in the breeze on the deck.

Here's Vickie hand painting yarn which will be for sale soon in the Etsy shop. It is absolutely beautiful!

And since I can now stand without a walker or cane, I'm back to work in the rock shop, working to replace the rock we have sold this summer.
So come on by and see all the beautiful new merchandise in the shop and check out the rock shop while you are here. Kids of all ages (and I mean ALL) really like seeing how the stone gets transferred from rough to polished.
We are in the process of adding several hundred skeins of yarn into inventory so the shelves will be bulging for all you knitting fanatics (you know who you are!)
Hope to see you soon!

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