Thursday, 21 June 2018

Why I LOVE Cutting Rock

First off, apologies for not posting for a while. I have been busy on a few "projects" and we're putting in a new patio so life is a bit, shall we say, hectic!

But today, while I toiled away in the rock shop, Vickie went on a little "expedition" and came back with some beauties. They were so nice I decided, being the wonderful husband I am, to drop what I was doing and cut a few for her. Yeah, that's it- for HER (heh,heh).

I apologize in advance for the quality of the pics since I was outside, in high wind and sun and they were drying out but here's how they came off the saw:

I love the offset in the veining in the piece on the left. Here's another:

Interestingly, both upper and lower surfaces are green! Then of course, there was this beauty. First a view from the top.

Lots of nice fortification here and now the cross section:

And here are close ups:

And here's a gorgeous little piece that Vickie already has plans for:

Love that glassy dark area in the middle. Last, but not least, Vickie found a nice, large piece (about 1 foot by 6 inches) of "bling": (amethyst)

I'm really tempted to crack this open and see if there is any cavity behind the crystals but if I ruin it, I fear that Vickie might crack me open!

Visitor traffic is definitely picking up and I've sold so many of my bait bags filled with tumbled rocks that I've had to make more. Fortunately, I don't see myself running out of raw material anytime soon!

So now you know why I LOVE to cut rock and if you're in the neighbourhood, come on by and see some. It's even better in person!!


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