Saturday, 23 June 2018

Why I LOVE Cutting rock- Part Two!

Today, I finally got to do a little rockhounding myself and while most of these are Vickie's, the last one is MINE (and it's worth the wait!).

Lets start with a really nice piece of jasper:

Actually, looking at it now, it looks like possibly carnelian- great colour and patterning. Vickie says she has dibs on the end piece but I'll get at least 4 more.

Now here's a really interesting little piece of amethyst that has been brecciated (broken) by quartz:

Don't know how this will be to work but it sure looks spectacular.

Then there's this little gem with plume and great fortification agate sections:

It looks awesome backlit:

And if you like red, you'll love this one. In person, the plumes are even nicer and I can't wait to polish it:

And now for the piece de resistance! The light was really flat and at first all I saw was the globular black hematite on the surface.

One end looked interesting- the other not so much so I decided to cut across to make the interesting end more manageable on the saw. I guess I chose a rather fortuitous spot:

So now this end looks interesting too and #1 daughter has already claimed a slab with the druzy (I think I'll get two). Back to the interesting end. In cross section it isn't much:

But oh boy, when I cut in the other direction- BAM!:

The fortification pockets are amazing and I can't wait to polish it. Don't know what will happen to the patterning as I cut slices but there is still fortification on the other face.
I may actually have to barricade myself in the rock house because it appears that several family members want a piece and they never get around to paying me!

So if you want to see some interesting jewelry made with spectacular local rock come on by! I'll be locked inside the rock shop.

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