Thursday, 12 April 2018

Rock Shop Back in High Gear

Yesterday, I spent about 5 hours in the shop. I got the tumbler going and managed to cut some slabs into shapes that I will do a final forming on later today. I have several beautiful pieces of moss agate and this one even has a druzy as well.

The black lines are where "The Artist Who MUST be obeyed" wants me to work to. It will take about two weeks to finish this and then I will post pics. The colours and patterns are so rich and vivid that I know this is going to be a really exceptional piece.
I was also able to glue two smaller pieces to wood so they can be cut and I just had to cut a piece Vickie found recently. Here's how it looked on the outside:

When you see conchoidal fractures like that you know you are dealing with high quality stuff so I was interested to see the patterning in the direction I wanted to cut and here it is:

There is a lot of hematite in this stone but it is still like glass on the surface so it should take a really good polish.
The yarn shipment arrived yesterday and we are in the process of labeling it so it will be on the shelves by the weekend for all you addicts (you know who you are!)
Hope to see you soon!

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