Monday, 16 April 2018

Hi-Tech Slant Lap On The Way

Well, I finally pulled the trigger.

Since I got my 6 inch flat lap, I have had so much fun that I have been wondering if I should get a bigger one. They are not cheap and I AM 72 years old but I have been dieting and doing my exercises so chances are pretty good that I can get a year or two at least out of it. Besides, Vickie has told me that if I croak, she will just give it to Raul, our pool boy. Waaaiiit a minute- we don't have a pool!

Anyway, the deed is done and I have ordered the Hi-Tech 8 inch Slant Lap (basically a flat lap turned on its side a bit). Here's what it looks like.

With this machine, I can do everything from fairly coarse grinding (180 grit) to fine (I bought an extra 8,000 grit plate) and then polish with the polishing lap and any polish I care to use (probably a mix of cerium and tin oxide).

Don't know yet whether I will sell my 6 inch flat lap or have it set up at a specific grit to speed things up. If I don't sell it, I will probably sell my Lortone combination trim saw/ grinder or Rock Rascal trim saw/grinder. So if you are interested in some really good used equipment, let me know.

It is still quite cold here (about freezing) but warmer weather has to come soon! Stay tuned for some really great rock pics!


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