Friday, 22 September 2017

Necessity (Or Laziness) is The Mother of Invention

Now that the rock Lab is all set up and has a name, I realized that it was going to be a pain moving my water drip cooling system around to the 3 machines that would need it. The idea of just getting a really long tube to reach them all was briefly considered but deemed impractical so I had to get innovative. Fortunately, two of the machines are side by side so I just needed one more system. But a new Lortone tower was going to cost me $54+ tax and shipping and those who know me are well aware of my "frugal" nature and would quickly realize that this was out of the question.
So I had to use a combination of outright thievery and McGyverism to come up with a solution. I give you the Turner Advance Lapidary Cooling System (TALCS for short- a little bit of lapidary humour there):

The drip bag I stole from Vickie. At some point she needed it for some kind of medical condition but she looks just fine to me now so I didn't feel bad taking it. I already had the pipe, funnel and tubing so all that was required was a trip to Canadian Tire to buy an $8 shut off valve fitting. While there, I also purchased a socket driver set that I'd had my eye on at 70% off (how do they DO that?) and went next door to buy some wine in case Vickie found out about the bag.
I set it all up and voila! It leaked like a sieve!! So I took the fitting apart and used more plumber's tape and voila #2- it works perfectly and doesn't leak. I left the full bag overnight and the tray was bone dry this morning.
So I would say that the VT Rock Lab is now fully operational.
Just a reminder to the knitters that the shelves are BARE so don't disturb my lapidary work until Vickie comes back from Knit City in Vancouver on the 5th.

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  1. You might want to give Vickie the bag back. You wouldn't want her "condition" to spread! LOL!!