Saturday, 30 September 2017

Knit City 2017 Set Up Day

As you know, the shelves are bare in the yarn section of the shop as Lisa and Vickie are out in Vancouver for the big knitting trade show- Knit City 2017.
On Thursday they got the various props they needed for the booth and yesterday at noon they were able to start setting up. here's how the booth looked when they got there.
Vickie assembling a display unit.
After the displays went up, they started putting up some of the yarn and finished goods.
Lisa doing up tags.
The show runs two days and apart from the regular colours they will be featuring Vickie's hand painted sock blanks and a commemorative colour dyed just for the show. Here it is.

And here is one of Vickie's hand painted sock blanks:

Believe it or not, knitters actually take these things apart and knit them and when they do they get two identical socks. But several of the people I have shown them to say that they would just hang them on the wall as art!
We'll keep you posted as to what is going on.

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