Saturday, 25 June 2016

Interesting Visitors

The weather has been beautiful of late and we have had a lot of visitors to the shop. Had a family of three generations visit yesterday. They were from Rhode Island and had a lot of fun looking for agates on the beach. They actually found some! I had a lot of fun showing them my lapidary equipment and even managed to drill a nice crazy lace pendant for them.

Then there was this guy:

Apparently it is some kind of giant silk moth and the largest of these guys has a wing span of 6 inches. I measured this one and it was a little over 6 so I think you may be looking at a world record!!
The patterns and colours are absolutely spectacular!
I've sold a lot of my agate specimens lately so I will have to get busy and make more. I have some beautiful stuff ready to cut and polish and Vickie and I are collaborating on a necklace that just might be amazing!

Beautiful day today, not a cloud in the sky and warm with just a zephyr of a breeze! Too nice to work but perfect for drinking a beer and listening to some J.J. Cale on the deck.

So that's it for now. Come on by and see us and if you haven't visited Nova Scotia, what's keeping you?

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