Sunday, 3 April 2022

Why "The Artist's Mark"?

 The Artist's Mark has now been open for 6 years now and countless visitors have asked how we got the name and/or is my name Mark. So here's the answer. 

My wife Vickie (AKA The Real Artist) is a process painter at heart and her signature is the distinct marks she includes in her work.

Vickie will literally use anything that can transport pigment to make a mark- sticks, feathers, leather, rope, fingers, wire- if it's handy, she'll use it. Over the winter, she decided to make herself some mark making brushes by upcycling things found, especially on the beach across the street. When she had finished, she showed them to some of her art friends and they all wanted one. So after filling those requests, she's made a few for the shop and here's what they look like.

We call them Artist's Mark Brushes and while they are great for making marks, they also make an amazing souvenir of your trip to Digby Neck. In the second pic up from the bottom, you can even see that she personalized it by putting the person's name in norse runic characters and others are decorated in various ways (wood burning, beadwork, leather work etc.). She loves making them so by the time we open this spring, we should have a good selection. If you would like one and can't get here, just send us an email to the address at the top of the blog and we can give you some options.

I have also taken to leaving my mark- signs of my process- on my jewelry pieces so people can see that a human being actually took the time to make what you are wearing.

So now you know why we are The Artist's Mark and we hope to see you in person. And my name is Peter.

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