Thursday, 15 September 2016

Visit from a Hard Core Knitter

One of the great things about having the shop is the interesting people you meet.
Today we met Bethany.
In previous posts I have commented on the , dare I say, fanatical mindset of knitters. The fact is most serious knitters have a "stash" of yarn that is sitting, just waiting to be knit. The really serious ones have SABLE- Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy!
But you have to be really hard core to travel from New York to vacation in Nova Scotia packing your own spinning wheel in the back seat of your vehicle.

You should know that this is just one of FIVE such wheels that Bethany owns!
Apparently she had found us via the internet and since she was coming to Digby, decided to pay us a visit. From here, she will be going to another part of Nova Scotia to see (and spin yarn) with another friend.
We just love meeting people like Bethany- people with a real passion for their craft and a real love for this beautiful province.
So Bethany, you're an old friend now. Heck, one more trip and we'll have to make you an honorary Bluenoser!
Hope to see you again soon.

P.S. We will be closed tomorrow, Friday September, 16th because I have an appointment in Halifax. Open again on Saturday.

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