Friday, 12 August 2016

The Neck- A Hub of Creativity

The strip of geography from Digby to Brier Island is one of the most interesting areas of Nova Scotia. The geology is  remarkable since we were once part of Africa (I'm not kidding!). The scenery and whale watching are spectacular and the people are super friendly.

But one thing that really sets us apart and makes it a great place to visit is our creativity. Recently, a group of dedicated locals organized the Breaking Waves Festival of music and art. It was a tremendous success and you can learn more by visiting their web site

If you visit the site, you will see this amazing bit of creativity:

The flag was created by Gary Wilson of Sandy Cove and it really captures the unique geography of our beautiful locale. Three separate land masses are separated by narrow cuts caused by shear faults that have broken up the basalt massif that forms the spine of the neck.

This has, in turn, inspired me!

I am going to start finishing agate, amethyst and maybe even glass to create a three piece pendant I am calling the Digby NeckLACE. Keep watching the blog to see examples of the finished pieces. I may not have anything this season but look for a good supply next spring.

Hey, even the weather is creative around here. It was raining a little while ago but sunny now and a lady who was just in the shop told me that it was clear at Petite Passage but fogged in on Brier Island. Often, it can be the complete reverse.

Never a dull moment!

Cheers and see you soon!

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