Sunday, 14 August 2016

A Hidden Creative Gem on Long Island

If you're like me, the thing that makes a trip special is finding hidden treasure- some thing, person or experience you didn't expect but that creates memories that last long after you return home. You know, the one you can't wait to tell your friends about. "WE found this amazing..."
Well, do I have a place for you!
Leave The Artist's Mark Shop in Rossway and head west on Hwy. #217 to East Ferry. Once you cross to Long Island go about a half mile and you'll see a yellow building on the left (Long Island Trading) and a church on the right. Just past the church there is a lane going to the right.
 Take it- you'll thank me later.
 On the right, at the end, you'll find your prize in the form of an art studio featuring the work of Pat Sollows and Jamie Baxter.

Pat and Jamie are both exceptional artists, part of a wonderful creative group who have chosen to call Digby Neck home.
As with Vickie, their work is not for everyone but for those who "get it" , the bond is exciting and intense.
Here is one of Jamie's pieces entitled Homage to Jerry.
And here are a couple of Pat's pieces entitled The Swimmer and Whale Dirge.

It's impossible for me to do their art justice on this blog but if you like this small sample, you can see more at or just plan a visit to their studio.
Pat and Jamie are two wonderful people who will make you feel at home as you experience what their amazing talents have produced (and be sure to ask them about their seaweed bath).
Come and see us sometime. You'll find all sorts of hidden gems on our unique, spectacular Digby Neck.

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  1. Peter,
    thanks so much for your kind words. So glad that we finally did drop in at The Artist's Mark. We're both very happy to count you and Vickie as friends and colleagues. I've been encouraging others to make the stop at your place as well - brilliant painter and fascinating lapidarist - seems like more than enough reason to drop by. Hope to see you both soon.