Monday, 1 August 2022

Beautiful Guitar Picks From The Lap of Lapidary

Recently, I've sold a lot of guitar picks so it was time to make some more.

Fortunately, I had been working on a massive cabochon project and had some very beautiful and interesting pieces of Mexican Crazy Lace Jasper left over that were large enough that I could define a pick shape in them.

Here are the three I made yesterday.

As you can see, this is gorgeous material. I've photographed it a little wet because they have only gone halfway through the smoothing/ polishing process. One of the best aspects of this rock is that it has amazing integrity- no cracks or softer spots. This is important because in order to make a playable pick they need to be thin- very, very, thin!

I use a micrometer to ensure that, when finished, they will be no more than 2 mm. thick. And since I never use a dop stick, this can be a little hard on the fingers- so much so that Vickie has mandated that if more than one finger is bleeding, I must stop! (It's called suffering for your art!)

For all you guitar players out there, I have been told that they play a bit like titanium picks and are a little harder on the strings but have a beautiful resonance. That suits me fine since I also make jewelry from used guitar strings! So buy a pick and send me your strings!

I sell them in the shop, complete with their own hand made/sewn leather pouch for the ridiculous low price of $35 Cdn. and I also ship.

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  1. So excited to now have *two* of these gorgeous pieces!