Wednesday, 8 September 2021

Gail's Rocks

 Almost weekly, someone brings me a pile of rocks they have found and wants to know if they have found "treasure" and until recently, I have had to give them bad news.

But a few weeks ago, it finally happened. After seeing my shop, The Lap of Lapidary, my neighbour Gail, from whose farm we get our eggs, brought in a small peach basket with her "collection". Apparently, she has a spot somewhere on the Neck where she finds the most amazing small agates and jasper. I literally could not believe my eyes! Here's a small sample of what she brought.

I was so impressed, and she and her husband Frank are such good neighbours, I did something I NEVER do- I offered to tumble a load for her at no charge. Since they are on the small side, they are perfect for my tumbler and the results were spectacular.

A lot of these stones are so fresh and dense they look almost chert like and take a great polish.

Like Vickie, Gail is an artist and it's obvious she has the Artists/Agate Eye!

More proof that we have some of the most beautiful silicates in the world here on Digby Neck!

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