Saturday, 10 October 2020

Time To Move To "Studio B"

 Well, the days are getting shorter (and cooler!) and the sun is rising farther south each day so it is almost time to shut down the machines in The Lap of Lapidary and move to my little corner of Vickie's studio (she's the REAL artist!) to start fabricating new pieces from the stones I have finished. This winter I intend to do a lot of metal work and one thing we needed to address was the lighting. We were getting by on a hodgepodge of fluorescent, incandescent and halogen and it was sometimes dark and difficult to take good pictures. 

So yesterday we installed halogen track lighting with 18 lights and boy was it worth it- even the cats approve!

Here's a video of the end result.

I also intend to make several more pieces incorporating used guitar strings. The customer was very pleased with the first one and I really like the way it works with larger stones. It actually makes them feel lighter.

Here's the first one in its new home.

For this one I used a steel string and combined it with an antique sterling silver bail that matched perfectly. Who knows, I might even try to weave a bracelet! All these pieces will be available at our new web site- the Seawall Emporium- when it is up and running in a week or so. I'll keep you posted.

Stay healthy and sane!

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