Saturday, 22 June 2019

Am I Now in the Paint Business?

Because the weather has been so lousy of late (don't worry folks, a great summer lies ahead!) I decided to clean some of my lapidary equipment.
When I tumble or cut rock I generate a lot of "sludge" - rock dust mixed with water. The other day Vickie saw me cleaning up and asked what I do with it and when she found out I just dumped it (in an environmentally correct way of course) she said she wanted all I could give her.
As most of you know, she is a mixed media artist and apart from the solid black and white areas, this entire study was done with paint she made from my sludge!

Since seeing this, I've told her that the price of sludge has gone up- WAY up!! I'm thinking, though, that a better way to go might be to talk her into doing the cleaning for me so she could make sure that the sludge is being collected properly.Any thoughts?
Recently we have had visitors from China, Namibia, France, Austria, British Columbia and even Weymouth (inside joke) and holes are starting to appear in the displays so party's over- time to get back to work!


  1. Ummmmmm, okay, so ......I may start upping the prices on ... oh lets start with ... breakfasts! ;-)