Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Nova Scotia's Beautiful Rocks

If you have visited Nova Scotia, you know that it is one of the most scenic parts of the world. And our little corner, Digby Neck, is one of its main attractions. What you might not know is that the rock that often helps create that scenery can also be breathtakingly beautiful on its own. Bay of Fundy agate is world famous and treasured by collectors.
At The Artist's Mark, I have a fully equipped "Rock Lab" where I can cut, grind, polish and tumble rock. And if your schedule permits, I'm glad to give you a fast tour.

One side of the "lab"

And every visitor gets to choose their own tumbled specimen so they can take home "a piece of The Neck"
The free rock box
It is amazing that rocks that look pretty mundane on the outside can look like this on the inside.
Red flame agate- one of our rare beauties
Moss Agate with a beautiful quartz druzy

Beautiful patterning
Striking fortification agate vein in basalt
Every rock has an interesting story to tell- how and when it was formed and what has happened since- and it is often told in a spectacularly beautiful manner.
So if your travels take you to this part of Nova Scotia, look at the rocks! And don't forget to come by and pick up your own "Piece of The Neck"!

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