Friday, 14 December 2018

Back in the Jewelry Lab

It's been pretty cold here of late so I'm getting around to doing some assembly. And thanks to my daughter Lisa, I have a very good supply of silver plate bezels that lend themselves to a new concept I have wanted to try.

I call it "Stone & Bone"- combining polished stone with fossilized Shark's Teeth. Here's an example.

This piece combines an elegant piece of Jasper with a wire wrapped shark's tooth and hung from a black buna cord Here's another:

This is a beautiful piece of local plume agate in a silver plate bezel and suspended from the bezel is a fossilized tooth and piece of drilled shell- all hung from a black leather cord.

We are also finishing off some of the pieces Vickie has done using polymer clay. This piece we call Samuri and created the effect of fossilized bone wrapped in worn leather.

It is hung from a segmented metal chain that can be shortened if desired.

These are a little different from earlier pieces so I would really appreciate your honest feedback on the "Stone& Bone" concept.

In the upcoming weeks, I will be doing several pieces using leather to hold the stones so stay tuned.


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