Friday, 11 May 2018

First Pieces Using The New Machine

So I have been playing around with the new Hi-Tech slant lap, woorking on some straight faced specimens but finally decided to bite  the bullet and do a couple of cabs. I figures I might as well jump right into the deep end and use a couple of beautiful pieces of Mexican Crazy Lace and here's the result:

When I got it polished, I noticed that there is a little native copper in it.
There are a few scratches, due to the fact that the 180 grit wheel was a little rough because of being new but all in all I'm pretty pleased- especially by how well the shaping worked. This material also looks really nice back lit

So I'm going to have to set it in a way that light can shine through.
My second tumbler load will be finished tomorrow and there is some really nice stuff in there as well so I'll try to post a few pics.
Also, Vickie and I have been doing some day trips so next week I am going to do a post to show some of the things families can do when they visit the area.
Hope  to see you soon!

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