Thursday, 8 February 2018

Polymer Clay Jewelry- Part 1

In the last while, I've been showing you some of our rock jewelry but we have a whole other line of beautiful polymer clay pieces in the shop that I want you to know about.
About 30 years ago, Vickie started working with this material and soon became a recognized expert and teacher. Over the years, she has developed many proprietary techniques and her tutorial on making faux bone has been seen over 11,000 times on You Tube! In fact, she has become so good at faking stone (jade, fossilized bone, amber) that I tell people "I find it- she fakes it!"
A downside to rock jewelry is weight but here's a carved fake jade piece that is much lighter. It's important to note that this isn't plastic. These pieces are museum quality- in fact, polymer clay jewelry is sold at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and is often worn in top fashion shows- especially in Paris and Milan. It is as durable as it is beautiful.

We have an great selection of bracelets with some incredibly intricate patterning.
Everything Vickie does is top quality and spacers include Swarovski crystals, rock beads and sterling silver beads and clasps.
Here's a pic of a beautiful necklace.
And a close up of just one of the beads.
These beads are not painted but Vickie can produce almost any colour she wants. Here's a necklace with beads shaped like shark's teeth.
And a close up of a couple of the "teeth" (note the real red coral and sterling silver spacer chips).

The ability to create patterns with this stuff is nothing short of amazing!
Vickie has also been at the forefront of combining polymer clay with found materials to create fascinating "steam punk" pieces.
Check out the detail on the focal bead.
And that belt isn't leather- it's polymer clay!
Lastly, our daughter Sandra has taken this same material in a different direction, creating whimsical characters and scenes.

Pretty impressive, huh? All these pieces are available in our shop but if you want to see more of Vickie's work, just google "vickie turner polymer clay".
Many visitors ask how these patterns can be formed so in my next post tomorrow, I'll take you through the development of a piece. You will be truly amazed!


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