Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Shop Revamp Now Complete

We are in the midst of a rather fierce Nor'easter with winds gusting to 100 KPH and snow and freezing rain. On Digby Neck we call such a day Tuesday.
So with the weather being what it is, I have the time to do a blog post to show you some more of the changes to the shop.
Because of an even larger hand dyed yarn inventory (is there no end Lisa??) we had to install another set of pine shelves and I took the opportunity to add some small shelves to the end to display stuff.

Additionally, we added some wall boxes sourced from Ikea to showcase the totally unique work of our daughter, Sandra and the fabulous creations of John Hood. Sorry for the lighting.

So after that was completed I figured that these boxes were pretty simple to make- especially since I had pine paneling. Here's my effort.

The net result of all these changes is that we are going to have a lot more display space to show off unique, hand made treasures such as this.

Here is a gorgeous (the pic doesn't do it justice) piece of local chalcedony that's shaped a little like The Neck and tab set in hand hammered copper with hand made copper findings and a premium leather cord. Vickie came up with the idea and I did the execution and it will sell in the shop for $40- a total steal!
By the spring, we are going to have many more beautiful pieces featuring local stones and others spectacular specimens from around the world, all finished in our VT Rock Lab and totally hand fashioned. So if you have visited before, come on back and see us again!


  1. The shop looks fantastic! And that piece is simply incredible!

  2. Thanks Sandra. Wait until you see it in person.