Wednesday, 6 December 2017

More Great Lapidary Weather

As mentioned yesterday, the current weather on The Neck is perfect for working in the VT Rock Lab. And overnight, it got even better (worse?). Today, we are experiencing the perfect trifecta- monsoon rains, 50 mph winds from the south and king tides.
Here are some of the results (I apologize in advance for the quality of the pics. I'm much better with rock).

This is the pier across the street- pretty much totally submerged and it isn't even max high tide yet! You also get to see a portion of the "boat graveyard" that seems to fascinate tourists of all ages.
Normally, we have a small marsh just to the east of our property but today, it's a regular Lake Okeechobee- swollen to several times normal!

Honestly, I've never seen the marsh this large- probably because of the combination of tides and wind direction. But there has been a third result.

The piece in the center is local but the other two are "imports". The depth in the patterning is truly amazing and someone is going to really treasure one of these if I can pry them from Vickie's tenacious grasp!
With the look of things outside, I'll probably have a few more to show tomorrow.

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