Monday, 12 December 2016

A Very Satisfied Customer

One of the best things about living on Digby Neck is that you have so many interesting neighbours. Elaine lives in Sandy Cove and loves combing the beach for rocks as much as I do. She also finds a lot of beach glass.

Recently, she dropped by to give me some rocks and I cut a beautiful slice of fortification agate for her in return and then a few days later she was back with some really nice beach glass. She wanted to give Vickie the glass but get her to wrap a piece for her to make a pendant for her friend.

Elaine with her pendant

Vickie is able to do beautiful wire work with a large variety of different wire types and thicknesses. The results are high quality and beautiful!

Beautiful wrap job on a nice piece of brown  beach glass

She has started to wrap some of our stone and over the winter she will be producing a whole array of pendants reflecting the shape and beauty of Digby Neck.

Beautiful piece of agate and copper wire

So stop by next spring and check out our inventory. They make perfect gifts or mementos of your visit to beautiful Nova Scotia!

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