Friday, 1 April 2016

A Visit From Champions

Yesterday, we took part in "Tourism Day" at the Canadian Seniors Curling Championships being held in Digby. It was a lot of fun meeting players and fans from all over Canada and showcasing stuff from our store.
They sure do LOVE Digby!
Well, one of the teams asked if the shop would be open today so they could stop by. We said sure and look who showed up!
Nova Scotia Senior W omens' Champions
They came here fresh off a big win against Saskatchewan and Skip Colleen Jones left with one of Vickie's paintings. All the team was so supportive and are going home with several pieces of Vickie's Sandra's and Lisa's work and we thank them very much.
In addition to being great competitors, they are all friendly and really nice people.
What great representatives of our friendly province!

P.S. They didn't buy everything so if you're in the neighbourhood, come on by this weekend and say hi!
Both the men and women are in contention with only a few games left so Go Nova Scotia!!

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