Sunday, 7 February 2016

Vickie's Latest Work of Art

Vickie is back on her polymer clay horse and has decided on the theme for her next collection.
She is calling it predator and she is taking her inspiration from the teeth and talons of some pretty nasty beasts whose shapes she finds beautiful (go figure).
The first in the series is the Mako.
When we lived in Jacksonville Florida, Ponta Vedra Beach, actually, we used to find a lot of shark teeth. Each shark has a distinctive tooth design and the Mako's are particularly beautiful.
actual fossilized mako shark's tooth

So starting with this figure, Vickie hand cuts her own forms and uses several different polymer clay techniques to form representational shapes with unique and beautiful patterns. She then combines them with agate and metal spacer beads to produce a beautiful necklace. A set of ear rings, a bracelet and a pendant will complete the set and she plans on doing several in different colour combinations.
The Mako Necklace - no two alike - collect the whole set!

These pieces will be available in the shop next spring and will also be for sale on our new Etsy site (more about that in the next post).
Out here on the Neck, the sun is getting stronger every day and most of the snow has melted. Although we are expecting a big snow storm next week, spring is just around the corner so make your plans now to visit our little piece of paradise out here on scenic Digby Neck.
See you soon.

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